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Learn. Arabic. Kids. Fun. Early Childhood Education from birth to preschool through kindergarten. Bring imaginations alive by reading delightful Arabic bedtime story books. Immerse children in Arabic with puppets, sing-a-long songs music cds & Arabic cartoons on DVD. Laugh & play to traditional Arabic nursery rhymes & new children’s music. Enjoy teaching Arabic alphabet letters, numbers & vocabulary. Raise bilingual children with Syraj's early childhood Arabic language bilingual educational materials found only at

Syraj is an online Children's Arabic language bookstore focused on Arabic literacy and bilingual education. It provides early childhood education learning Arabic language materials that help multicultural families raise their bilingual baby and children fluent in Arabic outside the Middle East.

Syraj is here to serve families, schools, Arabic community centers Montessori programs and the like, who want to raise their children bilingual in Modern Standard Arabic(MSA) Fusha, preserving their Arabic language and culture for the next generation. Early childhood Arabic education materials.

Syraj is an online Children's Arabic language bookstore that offers Arabic books, baby board books, Picture books, and Story Books, Arabic alphabet language workbooks, bilingual English Arabic tools, Abjad learning system,educational kid's videos and DVDs, Arabic "Baby Einstein" for toddlers. Teach children Arabic letters and numbers through Arabic cartoons, music CDs, traditional nursery rhymes, Montessori active learning tools, wooden toys educational games and puzzles.

SYRAJ also provides awesome study aids for learning اربي. flash cards with the alphabet, Alaf Baa Taa wall posters, workbooks for practicing reading and writing, Arabic alphabet keyboard stickers and the best Arabic English dictionaries.

ARABIC TODDLER DVDs: All DVDs and Music CDs are legally replicated with permission and distribution rights in American and made to play on your North American DVD Player.

-- Little Thinking Minds DVDs (Ages 1-5 years) 4 themes; Nubmers, Animals, Shapes, Colors and The Arabic Alphabet! (View dvd clips online) An absolute must for parents raising young children fluent in Arabic. Originally created in Arabic, this DVD series will soon have your toddler giddy with delight, immersed in Arabic & engaged with puppets & cartoon animation. Dancing, clapping & singing along in Arabic to music. Producer: Little Thinking Minds

--Arabic Nursery Rhymes DVD, Board Books and Audio CD. Brand New by Al Salwa Books.

--Tareq wa Shireen DVDs (Ages 3-8 years) 8 themes (View DVD clips online) A children’s cartoon DVD series created 100% in Arabic by Arabs. Educational & entertaining. In each episode Tareq wa Shireen & their group of friends have fun exploring different subjects with songs & music, imagination & curiosity. Producer: Rubicon.

*The Complete 13 Themes Include: The Arabic Alphabet, Counting, Time, Animals, Shapes and Colors, All About Me, My Body, Emotions and Feelings.*

--Ahazeej animated Arabic nursery rhymes DVD, is a collection of 32 popular children's Arabic rhymes from all over the Arab world. The aim of the project is to preserve these rhymes and make them accessible to the Arab child of today by presenting them in beautifully illustrated board books and as an animated DVD and audio CD.


--Arabic Songs for Kids CDs 5 Disc Collection, all ages Traditional & new nursery rhymes. Upbeat, these must-have CDs quickly become sing - a - long favorites for the whole family.

--Arabic Nursery Rhymes This music CD will have your child singing, & dancing to the rhythms of old & new Arabic children's music. (Listen to music tracks online).


--Delightful Stories from many different authors and illustrators. Simple stories, formal Arabic, easy to read along. These books reflect Arabic culture and values in fun stories for kids.

Syraj is the exclusive distributor for all DVD and CD products we represent. All video production, artwork, composition & creative work completed in Jordan. All DVDs are NTSC region 1 North American Format legally and rightfully replicated & packaged in USA.

تعليم الاطفال اللغة العربية ، وكتب عربية للأطفال، والموسيقى العربية للأطفال، والأغاني العربية للأطفال، والألعاب العربية والألغاز ، وأنشطة للكتب اللغة العربية والكتب العربية الطفل، أفلام عربية للأطفال، وأشرطة فيديو للأطفال، ألعاب تعليمية، مصادر التعلم ، تعلم اللغة العربية، خطابات الأبجدية العربية، الحروف العربية

Contact us with any questions or requests. We are here to help you teach your children Arabic.

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All DVDs and Music CDs are legally replicated with permission and distribution rights in American and made to play on your North American DVD Player.

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