Story Book Read Aloud on Computer in English & Arabic

CD ROM Bilingual [Arabic - English] Audio Book "A Home for Arnoub"
CD ROM Bilingual [Arabic - English] Audio Book "A Home for Arnoub"
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Product Description

Audio book animated on CD ROM. Listen and watch the story, "A Home for Arnoub" read aloud in Arabic and English. See the pages turn on computer as the story is read to your children.

*****Parents give this product FIVE STARS *****

A New Home for Arnoub interactive CD offers a rich variety of material rarely found in one CD. The activities are designed to keep the children interested and busy online and offline too.

Interactive CD contains: A Bilingual Arabic English animated story to help children learning either Arabic or English follow The text and improve their language while enjoying the story.

The CD includes Arabic language games and activities. Songs, Games and Puppet and Theater Performance ideas also available in Arabic. 3 mentally stimulating games 1 creative game: directions to write and illustrate your own story.


Customer Reviews:

I was expecting a story book with a CD, but when i saw the CD quickly i no longer cared about a book, it is worth it all on its own, i really didn't expect so much things in it, it is will maid, amazing quality, & a great story for kids, my kids cant get enough of it, & going back & forth between the Arabic & English version of the story, the games are amazing & i have a great time with my kids, they spatially like making your one story. for who wants a Arabic & English learning story this is really the best to get. i even printed the characters, they love to play the story out. I lend it to there kindergarten as well, the teacher & all the other kids loved it. & its good that other kids are exposed to other languages, so its a great, win win situation.

I wish A Home for Arnoub had been around when my children were young. It has all the elements they used to love in a book - a story with enough suspense to keep them interested as well as the comfort of predictability and repetition. The dramatic situations in the story along with the strong characterizations of the animals lend themselves easily to playacting. I also love the vividly expressive illustrations done in crayons. I bought several copies of the book version of this CD Rom after the book launch in Amman, Jordan, to give out as presents, and I never fail to get rave reviews back from the recipients - mothers and children alike.


The Interactive CD Contains:


* Arabic Music and Songs * Arabic Interactive Learning Games

* Puppet Making Instructions in Arabic

* How to Preform the Play “A Home for Arnoub” in Arabic

* Special Downloads Ring Tones and Screen Savers in Arabic

Author: Taghreed Najjar

Illustrator: Reem Askari

Digital Producer: Media Plus

Minimum System Requirements: OS: Windows XP or Later Mac OSX * Processor: Pentium 4 or faster * Video Card 64MB * CD- ROM or DVD ROM Drive * Memory Minimum 512 MB of RAM Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 * Sound Card and Speakers or headphones.