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Box Set: Arabic Nursery Rhymes: Audiobook CD and 3 Board Books
Box Set: Arabic Nursery Rhymes: Audiobook CD and 3 Board Books
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Box Set: Arabic Nursery Rhymes: Audiobook CD and 3 Board Books
3 Arabic board books & compilation audio CD with all 32 Arabic Nursery Rhymes. Ahazeej Arabic Nursery Rhymes, is a collection of 32 popular Arabic rhymes from all over the Arab world. The aim of the project is to preserve these rhymes & make them accessible to parents of today.

The collected rhymes were categorized according to subjects & presented in three beautifully illustrated board books. An audio CD was produced to give the modern day child the complete audio experience.



Nursery Rhymes Box Set INCLUDES:

**AUDIO CD** Complete collection of 32 Rhymes on Audio CD

**BOOK ONE** This is the Way Fish Swim are rhymes with hand gestures.

Classic children's Arabic nursery rhymes all in one Board Book encourage parents and children to sing and use gestures to learn the Arabic Rhymes. This Book will fill up your house laughter.

Rhyme Titles 1. Tasseh Tarantaseh 2. Hazourah Fazourah 3. Zuzu has a Car 4. Trendy Salwa 5. Jumping Ball 6. Hope it Rains Today 7. Walnut, Peanut 8. Hadootch Badootch 9. Omelette and Olive Oil 10. Abu Layleh 11. I am the Wind 12. My Old Nanny

**BOOK TWO** "Tasseh Tarantaseh" includes traditional Arabic Nursery Rhymes

This Arabic Children's Nursery Rhymes Board Book is a compilation of traditional rhymes. The rhymes in this book are about the special times spent with Grandmas and the delicious food they cook. Other rhymes are about the weather, toys and games. These nostalgic rhymes bring back memories and introduce children to new vocabulary and customs of Arabic culture and way of life.

Rhyme Titles 13. Zait, Zait ya Hajjeh 14. Hanna and the Bees 15. My Small Bird 16. Ten Fingers 17. Ya Baa7, Ya Baa7 18. Ya Mnaimneh 19. Small as a Kubbeh 20. Hijjallah 21. This is the Way the Fish Swims 22. What the Donkey Said

**BOOK THREE** My Turtle is Named Nahla is about ANIMALS.

Your favorite traditional Arabic nursery rhymes all in one children's Board Book. These Nursery Rhymes are about Animals and are easy to remember and repetitive. The rhymes encourage children to interact through music, and through imitating the sound and movements animals make.

Rhyme Titles 23. These Little Chicks 24. Yasmeen the Chicken 25. Two Dancing Cats 26. I Used to Have a Bird 27. Our Donkey 28. The Butterfly 29. I Have a Duck 30. My Turtle Nahla 31. Tutu the Rabbit 32. My Sheep

Compiled by: Taghreed Najjar

Producers: Al Salwa Books

Illustrated by: Hiba Farran

English Translations and Arabic Lyrics - Click to Download all 32 Arabic Nursery Rhymes Here



I teach high school Arabic and am thrilled with these books and CD! Fun poems with vocabulary and grammar principles we are learning in first through third year Arabic. It's hard to find good resources for teaching - this is a great one for listening and reading comprehension! Michelle

"I bought the complete set of Arabic Nursery Rhymes with the DVD for my son's birthday and from then on the DVD is the only thing that keep my 3 kids quiet and the audio CD is what ensures that our car rides are peaceful and free from fights! We've used the audio CD so much that we need to get more copies to ensure that our house is never free of music! Thank you from bringing these old classics back to life!" Mais

"Khaled is refusing to move. He is sitting on the floor, wearing a Tarboosh, clapping, singing, and dancing to Ahazeej. Tanah & Leen just joined him. We all raise our hats to you." Hala Bint Khaled

"I want to commend you on this fabulous body of work which was much in demand, especially by people like us, expats who live in a multicultural society where Arabic is forgotten." Iman Annab

"Faris loves Hijallah and laughs out loud, he now anticipates the last part and starts laughing well before..." Umm Faris

"My daughter is too young to sing along to Ahazeej but her face lights up whenever I put it on tv and she dances to it when it's on in the car. Finally there's an Arabic option for great nursery rhymes our kids can grow up to. Thank you!" Dina A. Tabbaa

"Lulwa has been reciting the turtle song, Fares has learnt it by heart too and so had their cousin... and they are craving for more!" Zeyna Al Jabri

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