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New Release! CD: Arabic Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Children Vol. 2
New Release! CD: Arabic Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Children Vol. 2
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NEW RELEASE! Sing along to your favorite Arabic Nursery Rhymes. This Arabic kids music album is a compilation of songs by Little Thinking Minds featuring popular Arabic songs for kids from Numbers 1-10 and My Arabic Alphabet Parts 1 and 2! Great songs that are educational, catchy and fun to memorize! This music will have your child singing, dancing, and clapping to the rhythms of old and new Arabic children's Nursery Rhymes. Happy, easy to understand songs make this CD an essential addition to your Arabic library.

مجموعة من جميع اغاني المفكرون الصغار من افلام الارقام 1 - 10 وحروفي الأولى.

Language: Modern Standard Arabic / Fusha with Some Colloquial Arabic.
CD Album Title: Arabic Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Children, Vol. 2 (Arabic)"
Album: Compilation CD, 18 Songs Year: 2011
Ages: Baby 6 Months to Preschool 5 Years
Producer: Little Thinking Minds /

Song Titles:

1. I Have a Face With Two Eyes
2. Our Kitchen
3. I Have a White Chicken
4. Alef Baa Taa
5. A Dog Is Man's Best Friend
6. Numbers Song
7. The Letter Zain
8. One Clap Up, One Clap Down
9. A Fox and a Bull
10. Butterfly
11. My Uncle Has Seven Sons
12. The Bees
13. Fall Leaves
14. Alef Baa Boubayeh
15. Five Ducks
16. I Am a Rabbit
17. The Apple Song
18. Dad Has a Big Car