What Customers Have to Say About Our Service and Our Products. Send your comments to Feedback@Syraj.com

What Customers Have to Say About Syraj. Send your comments to Feedback@Syraj.com


I love Syraj! Without Syraj, I dont think I would be so successful in teaching my children arabic. We are not native speakers but we love learning and Syraj gives us the perfect materials to do so! Thank you! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

Thank you sooo much! Beautiful song, my kindergarten Arabic class loved the songs!! Your team is awesome :)

Shukran! I thank you all so much for the little thinking minds gifts! We are still loyal customers! Almost 3 yr old Laith is speaking his numbers, colors, animals and body parts in Arabic! Shukran kabeeeeeeeerrrrr!

Thank you! I love syraj.com!!! and Thank you for the helpful gift for the use of my students :) Ms. Zainab -Elementary Arabic Teacher

I have three little boys (2.5yrs, 1.5yrs and 5 months old) who watch the Little Thinking Mind series DAY and NIGHT even the baby loves watching them :) Every person who sees these DVD's playing ask me where I bought them from and have purchased their own copies.

Arab and some non Arab parents In Australia are always looking for the best to teach their children Arabic and for me and the people whom I have already referred to your website. We love Syraj's resources! - Zainab

I've been a customer for four years now and I LOVE your customer service. Since language learning is a life-long journey, I will be in relationship with Syraj for a long time! -Danayra

Thanks and much appreciated. We've been sending a few of our friends to your website because we've been impressed with the selection as well as the customer service you offer.

Are loving the Alphabet downloads! (and the youtube rentals) Thanks!! We love Syraj am so glad that we heard about you via Arablit blog. You guys are great! - Jessica

Syraj Team, you are awesome! I love your products, my son now loves Arabic because of Syraj products.

Thank you so much for enriching the lives or our children and making it possible to raise them bilingually in a mono-linguistic country.

It is so refreshing to still find decent, honest and professional people like you who do what they can to resolve any issue. Thanks again.

Thank you!! I love your store and your range of products (your customer service is also GREAT)!!

This is great! I went to your website and I am definitely a fan! I am trying to teach my son Arabic and you can most certainly expect some orders from me. I plan to let other mommies know as well! Arabic resources for kids have been lacking especially enough at one website! I love that your website has just the things I have needed because I have really been at a loss on what I could do to encourage his learning. He is 4 and really wants to learn and now I have a place to get resources for him!

I couldn't wait to tell you how much the kids (and moms!) loved the Arabic books, CDs and DVDs I took them. Little Olivia asked her mom to play the children's songs over and over all weekend...What really surprised me is how little Aidan was captivated by the DVD where the little kids teach counting in Arabic. Since he'd never heard the language before, I didn't know what to expect--but he loved it. He laid on the carpet in front of the TV and watched it a while...then I heard his little voice counting out loud along with the kids on TV. It was so cute to hear him trying to pronounce the same words my Sitti taught me when I was little...

Thanks for your commitment to having such great Arabic materials for future generations here in the US. Linda

Every time I purchase from Syraj, I am a very happy customer. Items are delivered promptly and the quality is great. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you. Hiba

One of the best selections of Arabic literature for children. Excellent store! Haifa

Thank you very much! I'm very happy with everything! The DVDs, CDs & books are brilliant! We love them!  Thank you! Jana

Our daughter has the DVDs and it delights my husband each time he hears our grandchildren speak a new word in Arabic! Nancy

I decided to purchase the set of five music CDS (Arabic Songs for Kids) and am absolutely delighted with each, my two year old loves them and I am enjoying learning the songs along with her – nothing has made me more proud than hearing her request one of her Arabic CDs when we are in the car or at home. These are an awesome addition to my child’s library where previously we had no Arabic music...

Great thanks! Our daughter really enjoys them. Thanks for continuing to offer exciting Arabic educational tools.

Any parent raising children in an English/Arabic setting knows the challenges of finding interesting and high quality Arabic media that competes effectively against the vast and diverse resources available in English.  With these CDs there is no compromise, the songs are amazing, they are well produced, and there is an excellent mix of familiar nursery rhymes like “ba ba black sheep” or “twinkle twinkle little star” as well as others which are uniquely Arabic like “Mama Baba hibooni”. Thank You. Basil  

Great! The DVDs are awesome (Arabic Numbers 1-10 DVD).

My son absolutely loves this CD! I’m Very Very Happy (Arabic Nursery Rhymes). Sarah

Excellent, fast service, great quality, I would buy anytime from Syraj. Ahmad

Thank you so much for putting your website together!! I was so excited to find your website!! My husband is from Lebanon and we have a 2 year old daughter. Since she was born we have been to Lebanon 3 times, and every time we go looking for DVDs and find it so hard to find anything. Thank you for bringing these things to the USA!

What a beautiful children's book! Thank you! It arrived very quickly and in mint condition. Elisabeth

In the two orders I have made with Syraj, their service has been quick and personalized. They worked with me to find the best shipping solution just a few days before the Eid and everything was handled very professionally.

I am of Lebanese background, married to a Latin (half Chilean / half Salvadorian), with 2 boys (aged 3 yrs & 10 months. I have been looking everywhere I know in Australia for your kind of products, that focus on children's development in learning Arabic the proper way! Everything I have come across I find is a little too religiously radical, don't get me wrong I have nothing against any religion. I am a Muslim, however my interest is in teaching my kids the Arabic language. Thank you! Firas

Thank you so much! It's very hard to find a supplier of Arabic children's books that are not religious. That's why I am so excited when I found your website. LOVED the CD!

I am so glad that I found this store because my autistic son loves the Arabic language. I think it has to do with the drawing aspect of the Arabic alphabet. He cannot get enough stuff from the store and they do have a big selection, good prices, free shipping, and great customer service. What more can you ask for? Jennifer

Absolutely wonderful books! I'm so happy to have them. Great and prompt service! Nora

We loved your videos!  I have been searching for Arabic language DVD’s (modern ones) for a really long time.  Everything I found was very old until I found yours. I tell my family it’s like Baby Einstein’s for Arabs.

I think it is very important that our son learns Arabic, and this is a great medium of doing so. We received the videos on Friday and by Sunday my son was using some of the words. Ahlam

My daughter loves the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song, we've been listening to it nearly continuously. Basil

Your website was the only one I found that sells these DVDS that I think are fantastic! My son enjoys them more than the English ones. We have the “Animals Around us” one already. Rana

By far the best service I have had online, correct order was delivered and much earlier then expected, all books where great quality precisely as described. I am very happy and definitely will shop at syraj again.

Assalam o alaikum I was impressed with the customer service. I had accidentally ordered a duplicate, for which I was alerted before shipping. I would have never known about my own mistake for which the money will be refunded. I have already ordered a second set of DVDs Thanks regards Fatimah

I placed an order in December and I was very happy with the books I received and my sons were too. Fatima

Great choices. Very responsive. Answered my questions. Delivered faster than expected. Will refer to others and shop at Syraj.com. Jim

We are so happy with all of the three DVD, the sound and the picts are great. Hope you get new ones soon. I already spoke with few friends about your products. Lagu

They have the greatest products. I've looked everywhere for Children's Arabic DVDs and CDs for my kids - Syraj has really high quality children's products. They also worked with me for special international shipping.

I was really impressed with your website – I haven’t found anything else like it. The products are fantastic – I can’t wait to share them! Alexandera

Kids are a sleep and I am watching them! The animals around us are the most appropriate for my kids (very basic and nice and clear/slow) at this stage and the cd. I will show it to them tomorrow and see how they go, of-course I will make a big intro to them as new goodies!! Thanks again...Fadi

Great DVDs very entertaining (Animals Around Us)

I recently bought a CD that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.  It is called “Alwan.”  I have looked online and found that he has many other children’s songs but am not able to find out where to buy them.  On YouTube you can see many of his music videos for kids and they are absolutely wonderful. By chance, would you happen to know where I could get a copy of his other CDs and/or DVDs of his music videos? ---Yes the DVD will be released this Fall!

Thank you so much! My kids love the DVDs (Colors Around Us).

Fast service, great service, wonderful DVD.

Thanks so much! My husband and I love your website so much have ordered more stuff. I wanted to share some gifts with family members so i figured it would be a great opportunity to purchase some items for a 2 and 5 yrs old nephews. I wish I knew about syraj.com before but alhamdulilah I do now. Thanks again! Amina

Fast shipping, Excellent customer service, great DVD for American Arabic kids! (Colors Around Us)

My kid loves the DVDs. Thank you (Little Thinking Minds DVD Series).

Thanks! This book is beautiful! My children enjoy reading it and learning from it.

Beautiful product, fast delivery, good customer service. I recommend Syraj!!!

Allison at Syraj.com was incredibly helpful. I've never had to order books in Arabic before, so when I found myself needing order information ASAP, I ended up contacting Allison for help. She was able to check stock on the items I requested, and even offered suggestions for alternative titles when one was not available. I was so grateful to have help in this complicated order! Miki

Fantastic item! Arrived just as described and looks better in person than online!

Excellent service. Delivered on time and in great conditions.

One of the best Colloquial Arabic Children's CD Out There. If you haven't heard him before, Nizar Fares is a wonderful song writer and singer of children's Arabic music in the colloquial Lebanese dialect. For parents of Middle Eastern Origin trying to raise their kids in America speaking Arabic, this CD provides fun and enjoyable songs that even parents will like singing. One of the songs even brings tears to my eyes by the way it describes a child's love for his family members. I personally can't wait to get my hands on more of Nizar Fares' CD's as they are my children's favorites (ages 5 1/2, 4 and 2).

I came across your products via an internet search for good Arabic teaching products for kids. Your effort is quite appreciated! Thank you!!

Just to start off, thank you for your fantastic site! For years I have been searching for engaging Arabic songs that are suitable for young students to easily learn. I am a Multicultural Aide at a local primary school in Australia and have been searching for songs to teach our students to perform during Cultural Diversity Week. We are exited about Arabic Songs for Kids CDs.