How to Buy and Download at Syraj. Download Digital Arabic children's Music, Videos, DVDs, CD Albums, .mp4 and .mp3 files to your Mac or PC computer.

Easy How to Download Guide
Easy Easy Easy!

What is a digital download? A digital download is a movie, CD or worksheet you buy online and download as a file to your computer. We will give you a link to download the file. You click to download the movie, CD or worksheet. When the download is complete you can watch the video from your computer, listen to the music or print the worksheet!

Simple Steps to Download

1. Choose the movie, Music CD or Printable PDFs you want to buy. Click “Download” to buy a digital download. Click “Order Now” to view your shopping card & checkout.

2. When your purchase is complete you will receive a link to download the items you purchased. You also get an email with the link. Be sure to enter a correct email address. Click the link and the download will begin.

3. When the download is complete open the "downloads" folder on your computer. You will have a new file with the name of the product in this folder. Right click and open with iTunes or Windows Media Player. It should begin to play on it's own. Easy! Easy! Easy!


1. Can I buy physical products and digital products at the same time?
No, you must purchase physical goods separately from digital products. There are two separate checkout systems. Digital downloads are processed through a separate shopping cart than physical DVDs, CDs, books and toys.

2. Can I use the same coupon in the physical goods shopping cart as the digital downloads shopping cart?
No, coupon and discount offers for physical goods are separate offers and do not apply to digital downloads. Those promotions will not work in the digital shopping cart and vise versa.

3. Where can I watch a digital copy of the video I downloaded?
Open the file in your computer’s media player; iTunes, Quicktime, or Windows Media Player. If you are prompted to choose a program the .mp4 file with Quicktime, iTunes or Windows Media Player. Open the .mp3 file with iTunes or Windows Media Player. The PDF file will open with Adobe Reader.

4. Where can I download Quicktime to play the videos? Download Quicktime for free! Click Here to Download Quicktime

5. Can I view my downloads on my tablet? iPad?
Yes, we recommend that you download it in iTunes on a computer and then sync it to the iPad or tablet of your choice.

6. How many download attempts do I get?
You will have 4 attempts to download the file.

7. Where can I listen to the digital copy of the CD I downloaded?
CDs are sent to you in a zip file. Open the zip file and each song will be it’s own MP4 file. Open the files in your computer’s media player; iTunes or Windows Media Player.

8. Does the email link expire?
Download links will expire 3 days after the link is sent in an email fulfillment.

9. Refunds?
24 hours for a refund for digital goods. Contact:

10. Do you collect sales tax?
Some sales in the state of California may be subject to California sales tax. Some sales in the EU require us to collect and pay VAT to the appropriate authorities. VAT rates differ by country, and customers may enter their VAT ID as part of the checkout process if they are exempt from payment of the tax. VAT tax is included in the retail price.

11. If I’m registered with Syraj as a customer will my information be available for digital goods?
No, if you are registered as a customer on you are not registered with the checkout system for digital downloads. It is a separate system.

12. Why do I have to enter personal information, like address, for PayPal orders?
These fields are necessary for our fraud prevention system to work properly. We use this information, and a number of other metrics, to help prevent fraudulent orders.

13. What are the minimum hardware and software requirements to purchase or and download a video?
For PCs: Windows Systems from 2000 to Windows 7. For Macs: Any Mac OS system will play the download in iTunes.

14. How large is the average movie?
A 30-45 minute video is is about 200-500 MB

15. How long should it take to download?
Depending on connection speeds, a standard movie with broadband internet could take anywhere between 20 minutes and 1 hour to download. If you are using a dial up connection to download time will be longer.

16. What are the usage rights with movies?
You can transfer to family computers and burn to DVD for personal data archiving purposes only. All downloads are copy right protected. Replication or distribution of any of the downloads on is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.

17. How can I pay?
Credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover and through your Paypal account.

18. Are the DVDs NTSC or PAL?
They are universal. Because you are not able to burn the DVD onto a DVD and play it on a DVD player it is irrelevant. All files will play on any work on all Windows Systems from 2000 to Windows 7.

19. Questions? Contact Us!

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